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Сообщения темы: Романова Анна
Романова Анна 7 г., 6 мес. назад Репутация: 0
Романова Анна
6 класс
г.Канаш, Чувашской Республики
учитель Иванова Кристина Александровна

May Day - Victory Day
Notes the whole country.
Put our forefathers fighting awards.
On this day we remember the soldiers,
Did not return to their families after the war.

On this day we honor grandparents
Defended their home country,
Give a people win
And returning us to the world and the spring!

They are calling the road in the morning
A solemn parade.
And thoughtfully at the door
Grandma look after them.

Come to Grandpa friends
Come on the Day of Victory.
I love to listen to for a long time
Their songs and conversation.

Here we are with the grandfather of the park go
To meet
Soldiers, gray as he is.
There they will be remembered
His brave battalion.

Recall campaigns and battles,
The fact that in the trenches aren’t comfortable
And the songs their brave,
Probably they’ll sing.

They’ll sing about courage friends
That the earth perished,
They’ll sing of their homeland,
What saved from enemies.
His brave battalion.

Let there be peace on earth!
Happiness - adult
Happiness - the children!

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I wish you happiness and success.
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