Lyrical songs and Drawling songs.

Lyrical song and Drawling songs.

Drawling song.

Folk songs are the most ancient kind of folklore.

Mongolian people divide their songs into drawling and semi-drawling. Drawling songs are more ancient classical form of traditional folk songs that were sung in weddings. Such songs show social and family relationships of Mongolians. Words and rhythm of the songs are drawling. Drawling songs had been spread by Nomads of Central Asia, before the United Mongolian State was founded.

Lyrical songs.

The origin of Russian lyrical songs go back to antiquity. Music historians argue that the early stages of its development Slavic songs were influenced by the music of neighboring nations, and became a factor of world music.
Lyrical Songs of the Upper Volga (as well as all other lyrical songs) were closely associated with the rituals - the oldest forms of folk culture. It is believed that the song lyric is needed in the rite to comment on the ritual itself. Most of the lyrical songs - love or family themes, reveal the social and domestic life of the people and explain the thematic originality of lyrical ritual. Lyrical songs are specific for the fact that they clearly depict, the events that cause these thoughts, feelings and moods. Certain facts of reality are at the heart of song writing. Each poetic form reflects the specific conditions of people, which necessarily affect the language, style and composition of a work of folk art. Lyrical song is a bright picture of the historical past of our people. It reveals the richness and beauty of the "inner world" of Russia. Lyrical song allows us to understand and know the sources of ceremonies, as well as the artistic tastes of the peasants and workers. That is, the lyrical hero of the song - it's always a simple man: a farmer, a driver or a barge hauler and etc.

Обсуждение создано: Крестовская Елизавета Михайловна , 12 Март 04:39
Крестовская Елизавета Михайловна
Well, lyrical songs appeared in the 20th century.
Назаров Мухаммад Агзамович
What century did lyrical songs appear in Russia?
Крестовская Елизавета Михайловна
I know many lyrical songs. They are Swan Fidelity, Echo of Love, When The Garden Bloom, Wretched Love. I think that lyrical songs give us good mood. Such kind of songs often give listeners the opportunity to relax. They are often a living story of the singer, rich, vivid and truthful, revealing his/her entire life.
Крестовская Елизавета Михайловна
Well, I think that the most popular lyric song is Swan Fidelity.
Крестовская Елизавета Михайловна
Well, I think that a performer of lyric songs should have a nice voice. He/she has to have presentable appearance. Their costumes are classic. The performer of lyric songs should be dressed in evening clothes, or in classic suit.
Крестовская Елизавета Михайловна
Alina, Yes, it would. I agree with you. But my task was to write about lyrical songs and drawling song. But I can answer you. I know one singer. It is Vladimir Vysotskiy. He was born on January 25, 1938. He is the author of the songs which he does. His first song was «Tattoo».
Крестовская Елизавета Михайловна
Alexandra, Yes, I do. I know some singers of lyric songs. They are Johnny Cash, Amy MacDonald and Anna German, Oleg Pogudin, Vladimir Vysotskiy, Evgeny Martynov. Evgeny Martynov is a performer of lyric songs. He is a composer as well. He was born on January 22, 1948. His most popular song is «Swan Fidelity».
Фролова Анастасия Александровна
What lyrical songs do you know?How can lyrical songs influece a person's life?
Минаева Елизавета Евгеньевна
What lyric song is the most popular in Russia?
Никитина Алина Андреевна
How do you imagine the performer of lyric songs?