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Будник Анастасия Сергеевна

Personal site: for or against

In our fast running century a person is surrounded by new technologies which open for us different ways of communication. What is now ordinary to people was practically impossible a dozen of years ago. Teachers of the past used books and blackboard as a source of giving knowledge to pupils, while modern teachers are provided with unique opportunities of their own informational environment. One of them is a personal site.

Having spred among various spheres of activity a personal site is considered to be a helpful educational tool of a modern teacher. Imagine you can share knowledge and carry out communication with pupils without necessarily having them in your classroom. Distance learning have become quite popular recently enabling teachers and pupils save time and work on their own.

Meanwhile teachers themselves are able to find a lot while exchanging information with colleagues. We can look for new methods of education, helpful resources and effective approaches to teaching, being used at school. So we never stop learning which is great!

Of course working on your personal site can make a teacher addicted to surfing the net and dependent on informational resources. A good teacher must find a balance between traditional and innovative approaches. We should realise that not only technological tools make us competent.

Anyway a modern teacher is open to new resources and ready to use them effectively to make the educational process enjoyable and motivated for pupils.     

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