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Агарёва Людмила Анатольевна

We live in the time of high technologies. And, perhaps, the famous words: "to be the teacher's site or not to be" sounds a bit strange. Of course - "to be"!!! Because you may find your pupils only in the social net after their lessons and you have a great opportunity to communicate informally. But, if we stay in the serious mood, we can use our site as the helper for studying English. We can give a lot of additional information about this or that subject, control the results, communicate with pupils, their parents, colleagues, exchange the useful resourses.

Skype, webinars, forums make our life siturated and we can share our experients, our achivements, achivemants of our pupils  on pages of our website at any suitable time.

As for me, I'm interested in out-school activities, that's why the site is neсessary for me and my students. I put there all the  information about Internet competitions I've found and they can choose what kind of competiton is more ineresting for them.

And we can't keep silenсe and don't say the disadvantages:

1.We can lose our children in the net.

2. We must spend a lot of time building our website, filling in the information of different kind.

So, to be or not to be the teacher's site is up to every teacher to deside.

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