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Расскажите о своей профессиональной деятельности.
Кондик Любовь Алексеевна

Some people ask themselves if it is good or bad to have personal site. What are personal sites for? Some think  it  is a waste of time. Some think  that  it is a necessity. Opinions differ. I think it is a necessity of modern society. Sites help us in our professional development. We communicate a lot of people, find different information, publish our work, take part in different competitions and even have fun. Having personal site we can present ourselves to the world.  I think that to have your own site will be very useful for the teacher in his or her work.Besides there are some disadvantages. We should remember about safety of the Net and viruses which can destroy the work of the site. Moreover we must be careful to people whom we confide our personal facts and information. Finally the creation of the site with a great content takes a lot of time.

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