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Муллакаева Зульфия Ильдусовна

The Internet has changed our reality and nowadays personal sites are as common as telephones. However, some people see more drawbacks than advantages in web sites.

As for me, I believe personal sites allow a lot of talented people to show the world their achievements. You can get access to all the necessary information that you need for your work, household acctivities and hobbies.Personal sites give users amazing possibilities to share their ideas. Anyone is able to publish his own material on the web.

Nevertheless, quite a few people are against web sites. They argue that soon we'll forget how to write with a pen and paper and even how to talk. Besides, the information on the sites is not protected from inappropriate use, while it should be considered the author's property. What is more, exchange of opinions via the Internet can't replace a live talk.

To sum up, I find personal sites one of the greatest developments of the information age. You only have to be very rational and logical publishing your material. Then your site will help you feel that you are popular, that your opinion, sense of humour, genuine ideas are appreciated by other people.

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