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Наталья Владимировна Кучинская

Personal site: for and against

Science and technology is improving every day. New computer programs, software is constantly appearing. And we, teachers, have a great opportunity to have an access to huge information. Ten - fifteen years ago it was hard to imagine that we could communicate with colleagues not only from neighbors’ school but with the teachers from all other the world.  Now we have a great opportunity to see how other people work. We can share our class materials, methods of teaching, participate in different discussions. I think that to have your own site will be very useful for the teacher in his or her work.

But making a personal site have some pros and cons.  Of course pros are more than cons.

Firstly, having a personal site is very convenient for collecting the information in one place. There we can make different rubrics, show our achievements and work.

Secondly, the teacher can communicate with his students through this site.  She or he can give tasks for the students when, for example, there are severe frosts or when the students are ill.

But there is also some cons. A teacher has a lot of work to do and making a personal site is great and hard work. So we need extra time for this.  But all in all, it is worth doing.

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