Приглашаем коллег завести свой персональный блог!

Расскажите о своей профессиональной деятельности.
Бурдасова Елена Викторовна


Life has changed so much during 30 years. While studying at school, we had IT twice a week but I could hardly imagine what a personal site is. Today the technology keeps driving forward at such a pace that creating a personal site is a real necessity for many people. 

In fact, a personal site is a perfect way for giving information nowadays. You can easily share your experience, store important information,  introduce and promote youself as a specialist not only in the area you live. Without any doubts it's helpful in organizing workshops for students: distant tests, contests, projects. Moreover, creating and developing a personal site is enjoyable.

However, it's not just an amazing thing but a hard work. It takes a lot of time to run a personal site which requires to be renewed regularly. Also a site host should be like a designer to make it attractable. In addition, working on the computer for so long is harmful for our health. Finally, relations complain of you're 'absent' from the family's life.

In spite of that, I expect a process of creating your personal site to be exciting. I am going to use this new piece of technology in my work.  

Personal sites are excellent assistants.


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