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Андреева Валентина Юрьевна

Essay "Personal site: for and against"

Nowadays, the number of websites is extremelly increasing. Some people believe that site is necessary for  job. Others  say it can not be rely on all the information. In my essay I am going to analyze these two points and decide which the solution is.

To start with, personal site is  the brilliant source of getting loads of information for school work. That is lessons plans, games and competitions.  It is all  we and our students need for lessons. Besides  site helps to keep ant present teachers'  learning aids, collection of works and portfolio.Moreover, it is the best way now to publish your own materials without waste of time. Then you can get the serticate of it.

There are people who oppose personal sites. This is due to the fact that some works can not be reliable in the sites. People are not sure who they have been wtitten by or where they are borrowing.

All in all, I still feel that the benefits of having personal web site   outweigh the disadvantages. I believe it is great when you can share your ideas of teaching, lesson materials with  colleagues keeping the copyright.



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