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Панова Ирина Леонидовна

"Personal site: for and against"

To make or not to make your own web site!? That is the question facing the teachers’ community. What are “Pros” and “Cons” of the dilemma?

On the one hand it is the requirement of time. We look for information and get a great amount of it out of the Internet. We communicate through the email and  social web sites. From time to time we have to share our experience , to interact with parents, to deal with students’  problems, wishes and requests.  That’s why, I think, the personal web site is of great necessity.

On the other hand most of the teachers are limited in time and, from time to time, find themselves in the situation of time trouble. The  Internet like a hungry monster absorbs our time. How can we find extra time for maintenance of the sites? What is more, the teacher s’ community is not young enough to acceptь something  new.  We have to be inspired and taught. And this is a very difficult task.

In my opinion every teacher should solve the task personally, considering the own situation.  If you have speedy Internet,  your school students, parents, coworkers are ready to communicate with you in that way, try and create your  site. Take the first step! And if you are out of the Internet space but have something to share, don’t forget about personal or postal service communication.

In conclusion: the twenty first century is full of changes, it  accelerates  our lives. Hurry up or you’ll be late! (251 words)






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