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Кириллова Раиса Петровна

It is known that people have been learning foreign languages for thousands of years. A language reflects life, people who speak it, people's souls. All the changes which happen in everyday life are reflected in the language.

For example, our contemporary life is quick, its tempo is great. The result of it is a lot of shortened forms and the omission of articles and prepositions.

I'm keen on studying language. That's why it's a pleasure for me to study English. It sounds great. I like listening to the people who speak, sing and recite poems in English. In my opinion English literature is the most interesting in the World. Such names as: Robert Louis Stevenson, John Galsworthy, W. Somerset Maugham and others are well-known and popular all over the world. It's my great desire to study the creative work of all these writers. I think it's the whole world which had to be discovered.

"Eyes of grey - a sudden gulf,

Driving rain and falling tea

As the steamer puts to sea

In a parting storm of cheers".

(R. Kipling)

English began as a west Germanic language which was spread trough to England by the Saxons around 400 A D. Old English was the spoken and written language of England between 400 and 1100 A D. Many words used today come from Old English, including "man", "woman", "king", "mother", "give" and "wash". But Old English was very different from modern English and only a few words can be easily recognized.

Do you know that in Shakespeare’s time only a few million people spoke English? It was unknown to the rest of the world.

The English language began to spread throughout the world only in the 17th century, when the first English settlements arose in North America.

English is now an international language and is used as means of communication between people from many countries.

Nowadays it is absolutely necessary for a good specialist in any country to be able at least to read English. If you know English, you can talk to people of any nationality and can get necessary information anywhere in the world. No wonder that the most educated people speak English fluently.

As for me I prefer reading English books which usually help me to enrich my vocabulary. I spend a lot of time studying grammar rules and listening to different records. I am sure, English is my cup of tea!

Osipova Natasha, 10th form, Gymnasium, Uzlovaya.

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