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Бобаченко Светлана Викторовна

Personal site: for and against

То my mind, to have your own site is not only urgent but necessary.

Modern people and teachers, too should use IT   in their everyday life as it helps to communicate,  to educate, to find and represent all kind of information. Teachers can have the opportunity to publish various materials and get public evaluation on-line , inform parents and their children about changes in educational process. They are good sides of having your personal site.

On the other hand, we have too much obligations and duties nowadays. It takes too much time to do everything well if you used to perfom everything well. Nobody asks you if you have opportunities or not.

But there are the proverbs ''Live and learn'' , "Knowledge is power" and I am sure that every person who wants  to be successful in his/her life should learn to use the Internet thorougly. That is why I'm for the personal site.

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