We are Party Animals... or What Music Modern Generation Listens to..
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We are Party Animals... or What Music Modern Generation Listens to..
This group is going to investigate modern trends in music. We will tell you everything about modern and popular styles, groups and singers! We also want to have a look at what music our generation likes and listens to!
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Суббота, 11 Февраль 2012


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Крылова Виктория Алексеевна
Rock music — the generalizing name of a number of the directions of popular music. The word "rock"in this case specifies on characteristic for these directions the rhythmic feelings connected with a certain form of movement, by analogy to «roll», «twist», «swing», «shake», etc. Such signs of a rock music as use of electromusical instruments, creative self-sufficiency (for rock musicians execution of compositions of own composition is characteristic) are secondary and often mislead. For this reason belonging of some styles of music to fate is challenged.
Крылова Виктория Алексеевна
The British rock group Pink Floyd exists already more than thirty years and till now keeps huge army of admirers and admirers. All began as a psychodelic underground which developing, has outgrown in art fate. The group never was afraid to experiment, taking out the best results with itself in new albums. The technical aspect of sounding of group was constantly improved. Application квадрофонического a sound strengthened powerful influence of music.

The beginning was necessary to a rock group in the mid-sixties the First structure of group there was a guitarist and singer Sid Barrett (Roger Keith Barrett.), bass guitarist Roger Waters (George Roger Waters), keyboard player Rik Right (Richard William Wright) and the drummer the Nickname Mason (Nicholas Berkeley Mason). Barret wrote texts and music for group, was able to play fancifully, taking from the tool improbable sounds. In its texts the fantasy, the east, space, children's fairy tales was crossed. He also has offered the name the groups which have occurred from merge of names of the Kick of the Anderson and Flojda Kaunsila – blues executors.

During the existence the group has written down 14 albums in studio among which are most popular «Animals» 1977 and «The wall» 1979 (who is rare doesn't know well-known «Another brick in the wall» from an album «The wall»), 4 concert records, was engaged in a music writing to films.
Крылова Виктория АлексеевнаКрылова Виктория Алексеевна от 22.03.12 12:56

It is a nice group.I listen to their songs)

Федосейкина Светлана Руслановна
Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known by his stage names Eminem and Slim Shady - American rapper, actor and music producer. Winner of 13 awards "Grammy." Around the world, selling more than 86.5 million copies of his albums, which makes one of Eminem's best-selling musicians of the early 2000s and one of the most popular rappers of all time. Discovered Eminem's rapper and producer Dr. Dre. Later signed Eminem to his record label Aftermath Entertainment.
Крылова Виктория Алексеевна
White Lies — the British group of alternative fate formed in October, 2007 in Ealing, London, England, first — under name Fear of Flying. The basic structure of group includes Harrys Makvej (a vocal, a guitar), Charles Cave (a bass a guitar and a background vocals), Jack Lawrence-Brown (shock); Whether concerts with it plays also Tommi Bouen (keyboard) and Uniforms.
Releases of singles «Unfinished Business» and «Death» promoted group occurrence at festivals and rounds in Great Britain and the North America, including their performance as headliners on BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend and participation in 2009 NME Awards Tour. The subsequent singles «To Lose My Life» and «Farewell to the Fairground» have drawn to group attention of musical critics and have allowed it to leave in the first world round by headliners. Debut album To Lose My Life... At once left on top UK Albums Chart.
In the beginning of 2009 White Lies repeatedly appeared in lists of the most perspective young executors made by authoritative editions (in particular, BBC's Sound of 2009, 2009 BRITs Critics' Choice Award and the Q Magazine «Best New Artist» award. Mass-media named musical style of group dark, but nevertheless creating elation, spending comparison with styles Joy Division, Editors and Interpol.
Богачёва Наталья АнатольевнаБогачёва Наталья Анатольевна от 19.02.12 11:43

Vika, is it a rock group? Do you like listening to their songs?

Крылова Виктория АлексеевнаКрылова Виктория Алексеевна от 20.02.12 13:09

I think that it is a rock group,and I like listening to their songs.They are beautiful.

Левина Дарья Станиславовна

«All Rise» the group has let out the first Single in May, 2001. For 6 months this group quickly became popular and became the most popular group of year. The single remained in 10-ke the best 5 weeks and took of 4th position.

Following works of guys «To close» and «If You Come Back» became very popular hits which have taken the first places and have been submitted on 200 thousand copies everyone.

Their success has been fixed by the first album «All Rise» which 2 times became platinum for 6 weeks from the moment of release. Guys wrote down an album in England and Norway, cooperating with professional producers. Fine songs have entered into an album taking for soul "All Rise", "This Temptation", "Long Time" and "Best In Me". Work of children on advantage have estimated and praised from different directions.
Богачёва Наталья АнатольевнаБогачёва Наталья Анатольевна от 15.02.12 21:38

Dasha, such a nice group!!! I have just found their songs...a sweet tune and beautiful words! Romantic music for romantic souls like you, my dear!

Федосейкина Светлана Руслановна
LMFAO - American electro-hop group, founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, consisting of DJ / rapper Redfoo (Stefan Gordy, born September 3, 1975) and rapper Sky Blu (Skyler Gordy, born August 23, 1986)
Party Rock (2008-2009)

LMFAO released mini-album, Party Rock from the iTunes Store July 1, 2008. In November, they signed a record deal with Interscope. July 7, 2009 they released an album with the same name as that of EP. The album reached the 33rd row on the Billboard 200 and the 2nd line in the US Dance Chart. The first single from the album, «I'm in Miami Bitch», was released on December 16, 2008 and reached the 51-th row in the hit parade Billboard Hot 100 and the 37th - in the Canadian Hot 100.

At the beginning of 2009 created the DJ Inphinity song «Bass Kick in Miami» by «I'm in Miami Bitch» Song and DJ Chuckie «Let the Bass Kick». The song quickly spread on the internet and found success. It is also used as a main theme in the reality show «Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami».
Богачёва Наталья АнатольевнаБогачёва Наталья Анатольевна от 13.02.12 18:21

Sveta, do you listen to their songs? I have never heard about this group. Could you post any of their photos and songs?