Idioms with parts of the body


 To keep your chin up

Meaning: to remain, optimistic,

cheerful and confident.

Example:  I’m sure things will soon get better. Keep your chin up!

  • To take something on the chin

Meaning: to experience bad news without making a fuss of it

Example:  the bad news was terrible for John, but he took it to the chin easily.


·   To bend someone’s ear

Meaning:  To talk to someone for a long time and bore and annoy them

Example:  Peter is bending Mary’s ear about something. Poor her!

·   Togo in one ear and out the other

Meaning: To forget some information immediately because we didn’t pay attention to it properly.

Example: She told me what I had to buy, but it went in one ear and out the other

·   To play it by ear

Meaning: To improvise in actions; to decide what we are going to do without planning it beforehand

Example: I don’t know if I can go with you or not. I’ll just play it by ear.

·   To be all ears

Meaning: to be very eager to hear what someone has to tell us

Example: “Do you want me to tell you about my date with Susan yesterday?” “Oh yes, I’m all ears”.

·   To fall on deaf ears

Meaning: To be unheard, ignored by the person we is supposed to be listening

Example: I asked my boss for a pay rise , but my request fell on deaf ears. I never got it.

·   Someone’s ears are burning

Meaning: To talk about someone, or to think the people are talking about you

Example:  We have been talking about you for the last half an hour. Are your ears burning?

·   Walls have ears

Meaning:  You think your conversation could be heard by other people, someone may be listening.

Example:  Shh! Walls have ears. Don’t say anything about our  business here.



  • To have a sweet tooth

Meaning:  To like sweet food

Example: I like candy and cakes. I really have a sweet tooth.

  • To get your teeth into something

Meaning:  To get involved in something.

Example:  This book is really interesting. I am really getting my teeth into it.

  • To set your teeth on edge

Meaning: To find something irritating

Example: It sets my teeth on edge that you never tidy up your bedroom.

  • To be pulling teeth

Meaning: To be very difficult

Example: I finally managed to finish the Science project, but it was like pulling teeth.


  • Raise eyebrows

Meaning: to shock or surprise people / Example: What you did will raise some eyebrows here.

  • Down to a gnat’s eyebrow

Meaning: Very thoroughly, with a lot of detail / Example: He described the room down to a gnat’s eyebrow.



  • To catch someone’s eye                           

Meaning: Something that you see attractive or you like.

Example: Colourful toys always catch the children’s eyes.

  • To turn a blind eye

Meaning: To ignore, to not do anything about something

Example:.  My mum knows I’m untidy, but she turns a blind eye to it.

  • To see eye to eye

Meaning: To get on with somebody, to agree

Example: She doesn’t see eye toe ye with his mother. They argue a lot.

  • To be in the eye of the storm

Meaning: To be involved in something which is of public importance

Example: Building business  are in the eye of the storm  during the crisis.

  • To have an eye for something or someone

Meaning: To be a good judge for something, to be able to appreciate it.

Example: she has an eye for money, and her business is developing quickly.

  • To open someone’s eyes

Meaning:  To make someone realize the truth,  make someone aware of something. 

Example:  Your wife is lying to you, please, open your eyes.

  • To be up to one’s eyes

Meaning: to be very busy

Example: I can’t help you right now. I am to my eyes in work.

  • To cry one’s eyes out

Meaning: To cry a lot.

Example: She was so upset that she cried her eyes out yesterday.

  • To be more to something than meets the eye

Meaning: To be more difficult than it appears.

Example: Don’t underestimate this. There is more to it than meets the eye.

  • To have eyes glued to something or someone

Meaning: To watch something or someone for very long

Example: She had her eyes glued to the TV screen for three hours.

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dy word of mouth -- from person to person by the spoken word;orally

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