1978 — «The Wiz»
1986 — « Captain EO»
1988 — « Moonwalker»
1996 — « Ghosts»
2004 — « Miss Cast Away»

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Титова Виктория Игоревна

A short fim of 38 mins released in 1996/97, Ghosts was written by Michael Jackson and Stephen King and directed by Oscar-winner Stan Winston, the world's foremost creator of creatures.

Winston is the man behind characters such as 'The Terminator', the extra-terrestrial monstrosities of 'Aliens' and the amazing dinosaurs of 'Jurassic Park'. Featuring latest special effects, make-up and dance routines, Michael plays a number of characters that look nothing like each other making use of great make-up and special effects.
Титова Виктория Игоревна

Released in 1988, Moonwalker is a magical, musical journey into the world of Michael Jackson.

Directed by Jerry Kramer and Colin Chilvers, starring Joe Pesci as Mr Big and Sean Lennon, Kellie Parker and Brandon Adams.

Moonwaler is a story of good over evil, mixed in with fantastic song and dance numbers, animation and the latest special effects of the time.
Титова Виктория Игоревна
The Wiz

Released in 1978 The Wiz, directed by Sidney Lumet, is a remake of one of Michael Jackson's favourite movies "The Wizard of Oz".

The film has an all blackcast with Diana Ross playing the lead role of Dorothy and Richard Pryor as The Wiz. Michael Jackson plays the Scarecrow.

The Wiz was Michaels first step into the movies and he found he enjoyed the 5 hour make up sessions, 6 days a week, transforming him into the Scarerow and be able to become a different character. Also features Michael The film does have a soundtrack on which Michael Jackson features on 6 of the tracks. Michaels performance was praised by the critics.