• Michael Jackson «Moonwalk»,  William Heinemann, London, 2009 .

  • Michael Jackson «Dancing the Dream»,  DoubleDay, 1992 .

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Титова Виктория Игоревна

This book was published by Doubleday in 1992 and was written by Michael Jackson.

The book contains 28 essays and reflections, 17 poems, 84 color and black and white photographs, and 20 pieces of other artists artwork. Michael writes on topics such as creating his dance and music, children, religion, life, love, and autobiographical reflections.

'Dancing the Dream' is no longer in print, and so can not be found in regular book stores but may be found subject to current availability in our own MJStore.
Титова Виктория Игоревна
This book was Michael Jackson's first autobiography published by Doubleday in 1988. The book was released in both hardcover and paperback.

In 'Moonwalk', Michael talks for the first time about his life, from his early Jackson 5 days, through the making of his albums , Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad. He touches on some of the most prominent rumours that have surrounded his career.

The book contains many never-before-seen photographs from the Jackson family archives, as well as photos taken of Michael throughout his lengthy career, and artwork drawn by Michael himself. The book was a USA best seller.

'Moonwalk' is no longer in print, so can not be found in regular book stores but may be found in our MJstore subject to availability.