Favourite song by Michael Jackson

What is your favourite song by Michael Jackson?Круто

Обсуждение создано: Асанова Карина Константиновна , 24 Апрель 09:22
Богуж Екатерина Сергеевна
My favourite song is "Why".
Асанова Карина Константиновна
My favourite song is "Dirty Diana".
Гусев Евгений Андреевич
My favourite song is "Beat it"!
Титова Виктория Игоревна
My favourite song is "Remember The Time".
Фёдорова Мария Владимировна
One of my favourite song is "You are not alone". The song is very touching and catchy with wondeful words about love and isolation. This song was nominated for Grammy and Anerican Music Award.