Childhood of Eminem

Bruce Marshall - better known by his stage names Eminem.

This story was the beginning of October 17, 1974 with the first shrill cry of Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Though rumored for a long time, and he cried shrilly, and his parents were excited about his son, his childhood was anything but serene - the family is constantly wanders - in Detroit, he lived up to 5 years. And from 5 to 9 in Kansas. When the young Marshall turns 12 years old, his family finally settled in Detroit.

In 1983, Uncle Ronnie (the only way people EMU) gives him a cassette Ice T 'Reckless'. On this day, Marshall decided it would be a rapper. C 1986 to 1989 GM Linkolskoy study in High School. In 1987 Bruce having fun from 2 Live Crew and NWA, not knowing that within a decade will be working with Dre.

In 1988, Slim writes poetry, which lowers the LL Cool J, though it is - one of his favorite rappers. In the same year, Em's talent was spotted by two Detroit producers who called themselves the FBA (Funky Bass Team). Hearing him on the night radio show, they called on the radio and asked MC to come to their studio. In 1989. Eminem has repeatedly beaten by the school lads.

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