Олимпиада по английскому языку (3-4 классы)

Олимпиада по английскому языку, 3-4 классы

1. Прочитай письмо и выполни задания.

10 May

Dear pen friend,

My name is John. I am a boy. I am nine. I am from the USA. I live with my mum, dad and two sisters Betty and Kate. They are five. The girls like fairy tales. What is your name? How old are you? Have you got a sister or a brother?

My birthday is on the 18th of August. Summer is my favourite season. In summer I roller skate, ride my bike and swim. I can swim very well. I like to play football and tennis. When is your birthday? What is your favourite season? What do you like to do? What can you do well?

I have got a grey rabbit Harry. Harry is nice and funny. He likes to skip and play. Harry likes carrots, cabbage and bread. I like my rabbit but I would like to have a dog and a big parrot. Have you got a pet? Is it funny? Please write back.

Your pen friend,

John Smith.

1) Закончи предложение. Выбери соответствующую букву.

John has got…

a) mum, dad, two sisters and a brother Harry.

b) mum, dad and two sisters.

c) mum, grandpa and two sisters.


2) Найди правильный ответ на вопрос: “When is Johns birthday?” Выбери соответствующую букву.

a) in spring           b) in summer        c) in autumn


3) Прочитай предложения. Выбери неверное предложение.

a) John is from the USA.

b) He has got a rabbit.

c) John likes to read fairy tales.

d) He would like to have a big parrot and a dog.

4) Найди начало и конец предложения. Соотнеси цифры и буквы.

1) John

2) Harry

3) Betty and Kate

a) likes carrots, cabbage and bread.

b) like fairy tales.

c) likes football and tennis.



2. Выбери нужную букву


1) Rick’s hen ___ red.

a) can     b) is

2) He ___ seven.

a) is    b) am

3) I ___ got six grey rabbits.

a) have     b) has

4) Kate ___ got a funny fox.

a) have     b) has

5) Jim’s dog ___ swim.

a) is      b) can

6) My pets ___ funny.

a) am    b) is   c) are

7) ___ your dog black?

a) am    b) is   c) are

8) My friend ___ not lazy.

a) am    b) is   c) are

9) Are you a pupil? – Yes, I ___.

a) am    b) is   c) are



10) I ___ seven.

a) am    b) is   c) are

11) I have got a dog. His name ___ Rex.

a) am    b) is   c) are

12) Rex ___ brave and kind.

a) am    b) is   c) are

13) We ___ friends.

a) am    b) is   c) are

14) My sisters ___ good.

a) am    b) is   c) are

15) Jill’s postcard

a) открытка Джил       b) открытки Джил

16) Tiny’s pencils

a) карандаш Тайни     b) карандаши Тайни

17) teachers’ computer

a) компьютер учителя   b) компьютеры учителя c) компьютер учителей

18) sister’s dolls

a) куклы сестры    b) куклы сестер    c) кукла сестер


3. Какое из этих слов лишнее? Выпиши его.

1) I, you, he, my, she

2) red, grey, blue, brave, black

3) can, jump, sing, swim

4) long, slim, nice, five, strong

5) likes, lives, dogs, takes, runs

6) cabbage, meat, tomato, potato, carrot

7) milk, cheese, butter, bread

8) fish, tea, coffee, juice, milk

9) apple, cake, banana, orange, lemon

10) autumn, second, winter, spring, summer

11) December, January, June, February

12) Today, Monday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday

13) Mum, brother, sister, boy, dad

14) September, October, November, December

15) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, February, Sunday


4. Соотнеси слова с противоположным значением.

1) fat

2) clean

3) bad

4) long

5) black

6) happy

7) big

a) small

b) short

c) sad

d) dirty

e) slim

f) good

g) white



5. Соотнеси вопросы и соответствующие им ответы.


1) Can you swim?

2) Is his duck fat?

3) Are Ben’s cats slim?

4) Can Ann jump?

5) Can Nick sing?

a) No, he can’t.

b) Yes, she can.

c)  Yes, it is.

d) No, they aren’t.

e) No, I can’t



6. Закончи рассказ Джима о себе. Используй слова.

school,       read,        like,        breakfast,         friends,        together,     nine,        ice cream

I am Jim. I am ___ (1). I go to ___ (2). I can ___ (3) and write. I ___ (4) to swim and skip. For ___ (5) I like sandwiches, cakes and ___ (6). I have got  a lot of ___ (7). We play ___ (8) on Sunday s.


7. Прочитай загадку. Напиши соответствующую букву.

Bob has got a pet. It isn’t big. It is strong. It is black. It can run, jump and swim. It can’t fly. It doesn’t like corn. It likes meat.

a) a dog         b) a rabbit        c) a parrot


8. Соедини числа и слова

1) 11

2) 24

3) 40

4) 20

5) 93

6) 19

7) 57

8) 12

9) 30

10) 15

a) thirty

b) fifteen

c) twelve

d) twenty-four

e) eleven

f) ninety-three

g) forty

h) twenty

i) nineteen

j) fifty-seven

9. Найди и выпиши знакомые тебе названия продуктов питания.





















































1.       1) b; 2) b; 3) c;                4}   1) c; 2) a; 3) b

2. 1) b; 2) a; 3) a; 4) b; 5) b; 6) c; 7) b; 8) b; 9) a; 10) a; 11) b; 12) b; 13) c; 14) c; 15) a; 16) b; 17) c; 18) a

3.   1) my; 2) brave; 3) can; 4) five; 5) dogs; 6) meat; 7) bread; 8) fish; 9) cake; 10) second; 11) June; 12) today; 13) boy; 14) December; 15) February

4. 1) e; 2) d; 3) f; 4) b; 5) g; 6) c; 7) a

5. 1) e  2) c;    3) d    4) b; 5) a

6. 1) nine; 2) school; 3) read; 4) like; 5) breakfast; 6) ice cream; 7) friends; 8) together

7. a

8. 1) e; 2) d; 3) g; 4) h;  5) f; 6) i; 7) j; 8) c; 9) a; 10) b

9.  coffee, milk, sweets, cheese, butter, corn, carrot





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