Олимпиада по английскому языку (5-6 классы)

Олимпиада по английскому языку (5-6 классы)

I. Find the right word for each line.

weather,                 season,             months,             sports,                family

1) ____: rainy, sunny, warm, snowy, cloudy.

2) ____: mum, grandma, dad, grandpa, brother.

3) ____: volleyball, table tennis, hockey, football.

4) ____: winter, spring, summer, autumn.

5) ____: December, June, August, September.


II. Fill in the blanks.

favourite,             by heart,             second,            Maths,         have,        lessons

I have a friend. His name is Jason. He is only six. But he goes to school. Every day he has three (1)____. The first lesson is (2)____. Jason and his classmates count pens and pencils. In the (3) ____ lesson they learn poems (4)____. Art is Jason’s (5)____ lesson. He can draw very well. At 12 o’clock they (6) ____ lunch.


III. Agree (T) or disagree (F) with the sentences about the months of the year.

1) There are ten months in a year. _____

2) There are thirty days in February. ____

3) The winter months are December, January, and February. ____

4) The summer months are June, July, and August. ____

5) School begins on the first of September, school is over in May. ____

6) The spring months are June, July, and August. ____

7) The autumn months are September, October, and November. ____


IV. Choose the right answer A, B, C, or D. (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Continuous) (Выберите правильный вариант ответа)

1. Laura __ to school five days a week.

a) go      b) is going      c) to go      d) goes

2. Nick ___ in a regatta next week.

a) will take part    b) take part      c) to take part     d) are going to take part

3. Mike __ very happy yesterday.

a) is       b) were        c) was       d) will be

4. They ___ a competition last year.

a) win        b) won      c) are going to win        d) are winning

5. She ___ a book now.

a) reads         b) is reading        c) read       d) will read

6. Yesterday granny and grandpa ___ me a puppy as a present.

a) brought         b) bring       c) brings    d) will bring

7. My father doesn’t often _____ TV.

a) watched        b) watch        c) watches     d) watching

8. She always _____ a party on her birthday.

a) have       b) has        c) had       d) will have

9. My father _____ Great Britain last year.

a) visits         b) visited       c) visit    d) are visiting

10. There ___ only one apple on the table.

a) is     b) was      c) are   d) were


V. Choose the right word (much, many).


1) There are ____ apples on the plate.

2) There is ____ milk in the bottle.

3) There are ____ oranges in the box.

4) There is ____ water in the kettle.

5) There is ____ bread in the bread bin.


VI. Read Jill’s letter and do the tasks.

25 September

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your letter. Today is Saturday. It’s a holiday. I don’t go to school on Saturdays  and Sundays.

It’s rainy and cloudy today. But it isn’t windy. It’s warm. I like autumn. It’s my favourite season. When it’s rainy, I can listen to music and read a book. When it’s sunny and warm, we can have a picnic in the park. My dad says, “Tomorrow the weather will be fine. We’ll go to the park and have a picnic.”

My dad and my brother Jim will fly a kite (запускать воздушного змея). My mum, our dog Rex and I will play hide-and-seek (играть в прятки). We’ll have cheese and ham sandwiches and many tasty cakes with tea.

But winter will come soon. You know I don’t like winter. We don’t have picnics in winter. Ann, what is your  favourite season? What do you like to do in this season? What will you do next winter?

Write back.


Jill Brown.

1) Choose the correct answer.

1) What is the weather like on Saturday?

a) It’s rainy and windy.        b) It’s rainy and cloudy.

2) What does Jill do in rainy weather?

a) She listens to music.     b) She watches TV.

3) Will the weather be fine tomorrow?

a) Yes, it will.         b) No, it won’t.

4) What will they do in the park?

a) They’ll read books.       b) They’ll have a picnic.

5) What is Jill’s favourite season?

a) It’s autumn.     b) It’s winter.


2) Write down sentences in the right order.

1) My dad says, “Tomorrow the weather will be fine.

2) I don’t go to school on Saturdays  and Sundays.

3) But winter will come soon.

4) I like autumn.

5) We don’t have picnics in winter.

6) My dad and my brother Jim will fly a kite.


VII. Напишите числительные цифрами.

1) one

2) twelve

3) thirty-two

4) seventy-five

5) ninety-nine

6) one hundred and forty-one

7) ninety-three

8) seventy

9) sixty

10) fifty-three

11) sixty-one

12) forty-five

13) twenty-eight

14) thirty-three

15) fifty-nine

16) seventeen


Keys (5-6 классы):

I. 1) weather; 2) family; 3) sports; 4) season; 5) months

II. 1) lessons; 2) Maths; 3) second; 4) by heart; 5) favourite; 6) have

III. 1) F; 2) F; 3) T; 4) T; 5) T; 6) F; 7) T

IV. 1) d; 2) a; 3) c; 4) b; 5) b; 6) a; 7) b; 8) b; 9) b; 10) c

V. 1) many; 2) much; 3) many; 4) much; 5) much

VI.       1) 1) b; 2) a; 3) a; 4) b; 5) a          2) 2 4 1 6 5 3

VII. 1) 1; 2) 12; 3) 32; 4) 75;  5) 99;  6) 141;  7) 93;  8) 70;  9) 60;  10) 53;  11) 61;  12) 45;  13) 28;  14) 33;  15) 59;  16) 17;  17) 19



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