О.Генри"Двойной обман" (разработка сценария Несветаевой Е.А.)



Kid –a young man,

Thacker — the United States consul in Buenas Tierras,

Santos Urique rich man.

Donna Urique - his wife

People in the gambling-house.

Scene I

Place: A room in a gambling-house. Two tables with several chairs stand on the left. Several chairs are around them. There aге some people at the tables. They are playing cards. Music is heard. Suddenly the gamblers •begin to quarrel and one of them pulls out his revolver and shoots. The other man falls down. The men surround the wounded man.

One of the men: Send for the doctor.

Kid : It's too late.

Scene II

Place: The consul's office. A table and two chairs make up the furniture. The consul is looking out of the window. There is a knock at the door.

Thacker: Come in.

(The door opens and Kid enters.)

Kid : Good morning, sir!

Thacker: Good morning!

Kid : I'm sorry to trouble you, but I was told that people usually called on you before going to see the town. I've just come from Texas.

Thacker: Glad to meet you Mr. ...?

Kid : Dalton. But they simply call me Kid in the Rio Grand country.

Thacker:My name is Thacker. Take a chair. (Kid sits down on the nearest chair. Thacker takes the other chair) Mr Dalton, if you

intend to buy land, I'll be very glad to help you. Besides, they speak. Spanish here you'll need an interpreter.

Kid: I'm not buying anything and I speak Spanish much better than English.

Thacker: thoughtfully): You speak Spanish ? (He looks, at Kid in silence). You look Spaniard, too, and you сап’t be more than twenty or twenty-one. Are you brave?

Kid: What do you mean?

Thacker: Are you ready to accept any work?

Kid: I must tell you that I took part in a row and killed a man. As I was afraid that his friends would avenge his death, I was obliged to leave the place and come here. So I'm ready to take any work. (Tacker goes to the door, closes it and comes up to Kid.)

Thacker: Show me your left hand. ( He takes Kid's left hand and examines it very carefully.) I can do it. Your hand will heal in a week.

Kid: (in surprise) What do you mean?

Thacker: Come with me. (They go to­ the window.) In that house an old gentleman and his wife are waiting for you

will fill your pockets with money. Old Santos Urique lives there. He owns half the mines in the country,

Kid:Are you drunk?

Thacker: Sit down and I'll tell you everything. (They take their seats.) Twelve years j this old gentleman and his wife lost their only son. He was eight years old. me Americans, who were looking for gold d who often visited the Uriques, told the boy a lot of wonderful things about the States: and a month later the boy disappeared. It was said that he was seen once in Texas. The Uriques looked for him everywhere, they spent a lot of money, but in vain. The mother was quite ill. They say she believes that her son will come back and they've never given up hope. A flying eagle as tattooed on the back of the boy's left hand. (Kid answers nothing.) I can do it and a week you'll have the eagle tattooed on your hand. I'll call old Urique and when he sees that you have the tattoo mark, that you speak Spanish and can tell him about Texas the parents will be happy. The rest of is very simple. Old Urique keeps about 00,000 dollars in his house in a safe which a child can open. Get the money, we'll divide it; take a steamer going to Rio Janeiro. What dо you think of it?

Kid: I like your plan

Sc en e III

Place: The same room.

Kid : What have you written to them?

Thacker: Here is a copy of my letter. Shall I read it to you?

Kid: Do, please.

(Thacker takes tlie letter and begins to read it.)

Thacker: 'Dear'Sir,

I have the pleasure to inform you that I have a guest in my house who arrived from the United States a few days ago. I think that he is your son and that he fntended to return to you, but at the last moment his courage left him because he doesn't know how you will receive him. I remain, dear Sir,

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