Приглашаем коллег завести свой персональный блог!

Расскажите о своей профессиональной деятельности.
Драгон Наталья Николаевна

We all know that the Internet is used on different purposes. Everything in the world has positive and negative sides personal site is no exception. On the one hand you can have your own project. On the other hand there are some difficulties.

 Let`s begin with positive issues. First of all you are up with the latest technology because having your personal site means being involved in the fast growing community. Another advantage by creating your own site you can present yourself to the world. It can be your online portfolio and also serve as a useful forum for anyone interested in debating or expressing opinion about similar problems. Furthermore personal site shows you take your job seriously and you are serious about communicating with students and parents as many channels as possible. In addition to this you have the ability to upload documents and add important notices.

 Besides there are some disadvantages. You shouldn`t forget about safety of the Net and viruses which can destroy the work of the site. Moreover you must be careful to people whom you confide your personal facts and information. Finally the creation of the site with a great content takes a lot of time.

 In conclusion I would like to express my opinion on this idea. I believe all depends on the person and the circumstances.       

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