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Чеснокова Александра Викторовна

"Personal site: for and against"

     The site-building is a way of “self-reflection” and “self-expression” of your professional activity. Some people think it has more drawbacks than advantages.

          It is true that Personal site has given us the possibility of reading vast quantities of information on an unlimited number of ready topics, presentation and conspectus, interesting facts, useful for the future lesson. 

  However, the personal site has its drawbacks. The main one is instability - periodically something doesn't work servers and so on. Secondly, it is necessary to call hours to the support service. In addition, it can be quite costly to log onto and use.
  All in all, the personal site is a useful addition to our lives when it is used wisely, but it is important not to think of it as the only source of information and to use books as well. It is cool to have your own site.


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