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Гильманова Карина Ильдаровна

The English Club

There is English club in our school and it has been working since 2008. Our school club unites all students who like studying English and want to learn more about foreign countries.

We take part in online-projects, web-quests, prepare various presentations, and celebrate traditional British and American holidays. The most unforgettable was St. Valentine’s Day, because we tried very hard to arrange this holiday and we were very enthusiastic and excited.

Also, we participated in Pen-friend project several years ago. We wrote letters and sent photos to American kids. The project was interesting and motivating for all participants. All pupils were encouraged and inspired to improve their language skills.

Currently we have two amazing web projects: we are cooperating in Lingua team to create our School page on tea4er.ru and also working out our school English club website.

I am glad that number of pupils interested in English is growing year by year. And I hope our English club will develop and expand.

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Гильманова Карина Ильдаровна

The 1st of September is the Day of Knowledge - it's the beginning of a school year. Children go to schools with   flowers for teachers, there are meetings before the classes start - enjoyable and exciting. It is a special day for every  school in Russia.  Every year we have traditional events in our school.  First of all   it is a line-up dedicated to the Day   of Knowledge. All teachers and students try to do their best to carry out it at the highest level.   All school creative clubs participate in the celebration. This year we were glad to see our school vocal and dance groups .Special guests and school administration congratulated students, teachers and parents. The students sang, danced and recited verses, even first-graders did not stand aside.   2011 is the year of Space exploration that’s why the symbol of our holiday was a rocket.

It was a joy to watch the first-graders cross the threshold of the school for the first time, they heard their first bell, and it was so exciting!   We (I mean eleven graders) were happy and sad at the same time. This year is the final in our schooling. We will leave school in May and never come back as pupils… So I’m a bit envious  the  first-graders  - they are at  the very beginning  of their school life and  have a lot of things to learn and discover..

I wish my schoolmates and teachers good luck and success!

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