Ivan Korolkov: I am the student of INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY SCHOOL Les Roches


VanyaСегодняшний гость редакции - вчерашний российский школьник, который смог стать студентом престижного зарубежного учебного заведения в Швейцарии. Путь к успеху у Ивана был не так легок, но возможно, его пример вдохновит ребят на изучения языка в более серьезном русле и убедит в том, что учиться зарубежом - реально даже для школьника из небольшого города. 


My name is Ivan Korolkov and I am the student of INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY SCHOOL Les Roches. This is the world famous brand of different universities which are located in four different countries: Switzerland, USA, China and Spain. I was born and raised in Russia, Belgorod region, Stariy Oskol. Was studying in normal school during eleven years and as soon I have finished, as every future student I faced with the problem choosing the university for my next educational step, but now I will tell you prehistory of how I finally went to study to such an amazing and beautiful place.

When I was at my 10th year in a high school my parents first time sent me to Switzerland in the winter camp, the main purpose of this was of course English, as well as additional option I was also learning skiing in the mountains, which I guess is the best practice to learn language because the camp was international. We had more than 20 different nationalities and all of us were forced to speak only in English. After I came back to Russia, I felt in love with this country and already started to think of my future education here is Switzerland. The only and mainly big problem I faced with is language. We had a big and serious discussion with my parents about my plans, after what they told me that if I can learn English enough to speak fluently then they would not mind to send me there to study.

I started to look for a good teacher which could be able to prepare me for international exam in this university and after some time I found him. Literally, my level of language at the moment was not enough; I can even say that “enough” is not a proper word to describe my skills at the past. So it was a big challenge to learn English less than in 1 year, because my first exams should be already started in graduation class at the high school. Just for extra information, exam name is TOEFL and IElts. We decided to try TOEFL variation of exam, which at the time seems for me a little bit easier either IElts exam. I never did such a big mistake in my life, because when exam dates came up and I saw the format of exam in reality I had realised that it unbelievable hard and everything that I have been learning during 1 year is nothing and not enough compare to this. I passed out, and literally failed the exam. I had a second chance to take the exam and we decide to try IElts, only 2 weeks to learn the new format and the dates already came up again. Personally for me IElts seemed to be much easier and it was not a big deal to pass it well.

In summer 2012 I applied for studying in LesRoches University. After collecting all the documents, forms, certificates and sending it to them, they had replied me with the positive answer saying that I passed all required requests and able to start since August of 2012. This is the prehistory of how I went to Switzerland.

Nowadays I still study in LesRoches and already doing my graduation year. During these 3 years of being here I had gained a great experience of how to be “European student”. I put this word in the quotes because being European student and to be the Russian student is 2 totally different things which are could not be compared. Peoples, language, international experience, world famous professors and lots of others advantages which could help you to  set yourself as strong personality and provide future professional opportunities all over the world. At the moment English for me is not a problem anymore, after 6 months being in Switzerland I started to speak almost fluently, because all the classes and lectures here are in English. Apart of English I have also learned French fluently and recently started to learn German, guess it will help me in my future plans. My main purpose now is now find a good job here in Switzerland and stay here for few years in order to gain good experience, money and reputation. A funny fact about what does all other nationalities thinks about Russians here and all over the EU. Especially in my university, all the students has a good imagination and vision about Russians, no “Haters” I would say. I have a lot of mates from different countries, which are all having the same opinion about Russians even at this time during politician fights. No one looks on you with the point of which nationality you are, it is all in your hands, how you act, how you observe and learn. From these, peoples around you building their thoughts and vision about country you are from. Nobody say that if you are from Russia that means you drink a lot of vodka, no, it is all stereotypes.

Making the summary, I can strongly say that It was the most important decision I made in my life and English helped me a lot here, thanks to my parents, my teaches and motivation. I don’t see myself studying somewhere in Moscow now, of course not because I don’t like Russia or Moscow, no, it’s absolutely opposite, I love my country, I love the place where I was born and as soon as I will learn enough for me here is Europe I will come back to my great country and will bring up all my knowledge’s gained here to bring up our economy and Hospitality Industry.

5 of April, 2015
Switzerland, Bluche

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