Извинение на англиском

Автор: Артюхов Вячеслав Андреевич Категория: Have Ur Word Дата: Окт. 23, 2013

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I wish I could, but I had to finish my homework.

Sorry, I can’t afford the prices in a fancy restaurant like this.

I missed the bus.

Будьте честными при оправданиях!

I couldn’t be bothered.

I didn’t feel like it.

I wasn’t in the mood.

I got bored.

I wasn’t sure what to do.

I couldn’t find the right address.

Если вы вините постороннего человека…

I thought you were going to do it.

You said that you’d do it.

I had to take my grandma to hospital.

Samuel told me that we didn’t need to do it.

Если виноваты технологии

Sorry, I couldn’t make it. The traffic was so heavy.

The bus broke down.

The printer ran out of ink.

The computer crashed.

The internet wasn’t working.

I couldn’t get a connection.

Если погода подкачала

It was too cold.

It was too hot.

The weather was bad, and it caused road chaos.

Если проблемы со временем

I didn’t have the time.

I was too busy.

I had too much on.

I ran out of time.

I wish I could, but I’m going out of town and it’s already too late.

Если здоровье подкачало

Please serve yourself. I’m on a diet and I’m not supposed to eat hot dogs.

I really want to help you out there but my doctor told me not to do any physical work.

You know I can’t help you I’m on medication.

I need to get some rest.

I woke up feeling really bad.

Как оправдать знакомого

He’s tired.

She isn’t usually like that.

She’s just going through a bad patch.

He’s usually quite nice.

They had too much to do.

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I wish could, but…

RUCan you take me to the station tomorrow? – I wish I could, but I am seeing the dentist tomorrow.